Sunday, May 3, 2009

Restored Calm

I've recharged a little over this weekend. I wish I could just plug myself in and get my energy from the electricity like my cell phone does, but that is not to be.

M did not really sleep Friday night. She got another tooth and between that and the shots from this past week she has been a mess.

I still have tons of IEP paperwork to do that is hanging over my head.

I have terrible allergies that I think have begun developing into a sinus infection-my throat was absolutely killing me on Shabbos! And no nap either.

But even with all these difficulties going on-we had a nice Shabbos and Sunday. The weather here has been gorgeous (even though I can't fully enjoy it because of the allergies) and we have had lots of great family time. Sometimes that is all you need. To look at your kids and just be happy because they are happy.

I'm sure it will be another busy week-but right now I'm happy. I'm going to enjoy it!

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