Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5

Today was my grandmother's birthday. When she passed away 5 years ago her death was my first real adult experience with the death of someone close to me who I loved. She lived a long life (she met 5 great-grand kids) that ended as a result of her battle with lung cancer.

Some things I remember about her:

She loved to eat.

She was generous and always bought my sister and I things that my mom wouldn't.

She loved to read romance novels.

She raised 2 wonderful daughters and taught them how to be great moms.

She wasn't afraid to state her opinion, to hell what other people thought.

She always had her nails and hair done.

She stayed with us for 2 weeks after Lulu was born and held her and held her. She loved babies.

She told me stories about what life was like growing up in Vermont with lots of brothers and sisters.

She had great jewelry and she used to let me look in her jewelry box when I would visit her.

She always had M&M's or some other type of chocolate in her house.

I miss her. I feel her presence a lot. Even more now that Baby M is named after her. Sometimes Baby M looks at me a certain way and I just see my grandmother in her so clearly.

I wish my kids would have had a chance to know her and make some memories with her.

This video inspired me and comforted me today. Her words capture everything that I need/want to say. I hope it inspires you too.

We love and miss you, Grandma.


Orah said...

She sounds like she was a great lady. You are lucky to have known her.

Anonymous said...

Well, gee. Thanks for making me cry. Those are all the things I remember about Grandma too. She would have loved this post! :) That video was amazing. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday to Grandma!

Rach said...

I often wonder what my life would be like if my grandmother were still alive....

Beautiful post, and the youtube video make me cry. I did think though while watching it - do those women work?

Mom said...

E, what a lovely post in honor of Grandma. You are better than your mother in remembering grandma. Thanks for sharing.

adinab said...

This post made me think of my grandmother too. I think it was just something about that generation. You (and she) were so lucky that she had the opportunity to meet some of your children. Estee's named after her so obviously I wasn't as lucky. And btw, I'm sure she would LOVE that the first think you remember about her is that she loved food!