Monday, May 18, 2009

My love/hate relationship with Sundays

Sundays are supposed to be calm, relaxing fun-filled days to spend with my kids.

It never seems to turn out that way though.

All week long we have a schedule and routine and then Sunday comes and throws everything haywire. An aimless day that never seems to have enough time in it.

As a working mom, I try hard to keep things running smoothly. Every spare moment is utilized to the full extent. Of course, nothing goes perfectly all the time but I really try hard not to waste time. And because I work, Sundays are full of errands, laundry, other chores, and menu planning. Things that I have a hard time doing during the week because of time constraints or because I am just plain exhausted. I try to fit fun things in for the kids but I usually fall short.

So, often I hate Sundays. The fact that I have the possibility of "freedom" and "fun" and almost never get to experience those things make me a little bitter. And then I take that out on my husband and kids. Not good.

This week I decided to do something for myself. I have been trying to get up the motivation to start exercising and I finally started! I ran (read mostly walked fast) for about 40 minutes. It felt great. I hope to be able to continue doing it at least 2x a week, maybe more. Maybe it will restore my sanity. Maybe not. But at least I will have tried (and hopefully lose some weight in the process).

If my sanity doesn't return, maybe I'll try a cleaning lady next!


Mom said...

Guess we'll have to make an 8th day for you - who said being a mommy is easy. Running is a good start and if that doesn't work, then cleaning lady here you come, or you could dance while pushing the vacuum - kill 2 birds with one stone.

Brie said...

move to Israel! I don't miss those Sundays at all. I totally understand- those Sundays ended up just being wastes and I always went to bed way too late motzei Shabbos.

Lisa said...

I used o hate Sundays when we were in Kollel b/c there were no sundays. My husband would learn like usual and I was either new,y married and lonely(ha!! miss those days)or with 2 kids and lonely(don't miss those days). Now it is the hardest working day for me b/c I also push too many things into one day..exercise sounds good but cleaning lady sounds devine!!