Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Growing up I really had no idea what this day was for. Kind of ironic since both my dad and uncle fought in WWII. As I've grown up, my understanding about this day has grown up too. And so I would like to honor my dad and uncle in this post for the sacrifices they made as soldiers protecting our freedom.

My uncle past away a few years ago when he was 85 years old. No, he was not my great-uncle he was my uncle. (My parents got married late-that's a story for another time). In WWII he was in the army and he stormed the beach at Normandy (I think it was Omaha beach). He saw terrible fighting and really did not talk about his experiences. He received a purple heart for his bravery as well as other medals . When I was in high school I was lucky enough to take a class trip to France and we spent some time in Normandy. We visited the American cemetery there filled with soldiers that gave their lives during that fight.

My father has an equally interesting story. He joined the Navy and fought in the Pacific. His ship was a minesweeper which did exactly what it's title says-it deactivated mines that the Japanese left in the ocean. Kind of dangerous, which is an understatement. In those days they only had sonar and it wasn't as exact a science as it is now. His ship, the USS Minivet, sunk. Thank G-d he was rescued(by the Japanese) and taken to safety. Not all the soldiers on his ship were that lucky. If he had not been rescued, I would not be here today.

I think it is amazing that people believe so strongly in our country that they dedicate their lives to serving it. So many young people today (and I would include myself) don't know what that kind of selflessness means. We take our freedom and country for granted. So for one day I want to say thanks and really mean it.

Thank you Dad and Uncle Joe for helping keep this country safe! I have been blessed to have known 2 heroes in my life.


Yitzy, Seth said...

Hon that is a great post! Dad and Uncle Joe are true Heroes in my book. They were on the front lines, fighting for the freedom of the world and our eventual future. God bless them and all the soldiers that protected and continue to protect the privilege (contrary to popular belief it’s not a RIGHT - that would be quite conceited, its really a privilege) to live in a free society.

Mom said...

How nice of you to honor your father and Uncle Joe. This country wouldn't be as great as it is (regardless of our problems) if it wasn't for our past, present and future soldiers to preserve and protect our freedoms.

Orah said...

My father and our family, thank your uncle...