Sunday, June 21, 2009

The T's have it and a REALLY good book

I have been meaning to post about 2 funny things the kids said and a really good book I finished about a week ago. So I thought I'll write about both in 1 post.

The first funny story:

My friend E wasn't feeling well a week ago. She lost her voice and sounded miserable. I told her 12x to go to the doctor-I thought she had a sinus infection. She thought she had bronchitis. She finally went to the doctor and guess what? She had a sinus infection (I shoulda been a doctor!) Anyway, I was reporting back to the husband when Big T says innocently "E has a science infection?" That was funny in and of itself but the funnier part it that E is a science teacher. We all got a big laugh.

The second funny story:

Little T was talking about being sick and told someone "I have the wine flu." No honey, that is what mommies and daddies get when they drink too much alcohol. You have the swine flu-not nearly as much fun. (No, I didn't really say that). I think I might need to get the wine flu after being cooped up in the house all week with sick kids.

Anyway. On to my good read.

It's called Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. You might have read some of her other books-Snow Flower and the Secret Fan or Peony in Love. Her newest book is about Shanghai during the 1930's leading into WWII and then immigrating to America during that time. It is about 2 sisters and their lives together and the choices they make to stick together to survive. Lisa See is a wonderful writer and I love learning about other cultures. She really makes the world of Shanghai come alive. A lot of the book takes place in LA during the time of the war and beyond. The persecution the Chinese felt from white people during that time was intense. Yet, without them much of America would not have changed for the better, they almost exclusively built the trans-continental railroad. Anyway, great book, I highly recommend it. She is a gifted writer.

I do have some other things going on involving the children but until they are set I will wait to divulge any more info. Trying to keep you guessing! Is it working?

Since I didn't sleep last night (and it wasn't because of the kids-I just couldn't stop thinking) I better go get some sleep.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

those are funny stories! they are too cute. thanks for the book recommend. i have loved her two other books! xoxo.

Mom said...

E. those are the kind of comments you put in their baby book because they are cute and funny, and they will enjoy them when they get older and read about themselves.