Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 Adults+ 1 laptop= less blog posts

We have been existing with only 1 computer (gasp!).

The husband has been working from home A LOT. I am happy about that, I really am. But the blog is getting ignored.

I wanted to write about the good deals I got this week (even though I do not profess to be a professional coupon saver or deal finder-I do occasionally find good deals and I AM a cheapskate).

I wanted to write about the art workshop I went to focusing on how to incorporate art into your classroom teaching. I wanted to show pictures of the projects I made.

I wanted to talk about my obsession with the show House Hunters. Not sure why I am obsessed. I am not looking to buy a house. But I do find it fascinating. And how my children are now obsessed with it too, they even guess which house they think the people will buy.

I wanted to post pics showing the great furniture finds that we found on craigslist and how we rearranged our house-I even took before and after photos! ( Haven't figured out how to get them off the blackberry and onto the blog but I'm sure my husband can help with that).

I wanted to post about Little T wanting to wear her bathing suit backwards and let it all hang out. Just a little too much naked, bare skin in the front for me.

I wanted to post about the tragedy of a small child dying and how you can feel so much pain but also be brought so close to G-d. Everyone is affected when something like this happens. Unbearable pain and unspeakable hardship.

There you have it. All the things I wanted to say this week and didn't. Well, maybe I did say them, just not the way I originally intended. It was a full, busy week and it looks like next week will be more of the same.

Maybe we should get another laptop? Maybe not.


Orah said...

u need to make a custody arrangement for the laptop, it seems.

Anonymous said...

missed you this week, but since no longer own a laptop (gave it back to the old job), i too will be less present on the computer, and it will take me FOREVER to catch up with blog reading. however, i am now becoming a big fan of living real life over online life. makes me feel much better in the long run. let's skype soon...i have lots of art stuff to show you and i want to see your projects! xo!