Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's out for summer

I won't lie to you-it's a little known secret that teachers look as forward to the end of the school year as much as the students do!  Okay, maybe that's not so secret.

Tomorrow is my last day of school and I can't wait.  As much as a I love my students, I have done all I can for them this year and now it's time for a break.  I even get one more week with just the baby before my own children are done with school.  

Then it's 6 weeks of camp and a family drive/trip to Maryland to visit my parents.  

Other really great things that have happened lately:

Little T graduated nursery school.  (I will try to post pics but they are on the husband's blackberry and I'm writing this at work).  She feels right at home on the stage and at one point she even sang when no else was and they were supposed to.  I guess that is one time that it pays to be LOUD!  She was sooooo cute!

Baby M is doing new things every day.  Her pincer grasp has developed with both hands so she can pick up cheerios and other foods with each hand and actually get it into her mouth.  She is also standing while holding on and can pull herself up holding on.  She can say "ma ma" and something that sounds like "a ba pa."

That's all for now-gotta go clean up my classroom!


Orah said...

enjoy your time off.

Rach said...

do you hear the song in the background also when you read your post?