Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oink, Oink

Well, I am exhausted. After one false negative, the kids are dropping like flies from the dreaded swine flu. So my first week of vacation is well, certainly not vacation. Oh, who am I kidding? As my mom said "Moms don't get vacation."

So the count is now 2 kids sick and 2 kids healthy. Hopefully, they will stay that way. We have multiple prescriptions of Tamiflu so I have hope. My heart breaks for them though. They feel miserable and they are missing the last week of school. When all the fun happens. So I have been doing a lot of promising. We will bake challah this week because Little T's class was doing that today. And we will go to the farmer's market next week because Big T's class was going to the produce store today (to practice their money skills-even though I think Big T knows how to use money, she certainly knows how to spend it!)

As for good news, I got a Blackberry when my cell phone recently broke. It has a really great camera in it and takes great pictures. So I should have more pics to add to the blog. It does take a really long time to add lots of pics though. Maybe I should go back to work so I will have more time to blog! Does that make sense? Staying home with my kids all day gives me no free time! Stay at home moms rock! It is such hard work to parent kids all day long. Don't get me wrong-working is hard too. But staying at home has plenty of challenges and I really respect all the moms who do it.

What else? Lulu's birthday is on Shabbos (Saturday) and I haven't even thought about it. Now any party we have will have to wait for everyone to get well. She will be 7 years old-where has the time gone? Really, where has it gone?

Dirty Diaper calling, gotta go. . . was that too much info?

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