Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes early isn't a good thing

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this previously but my sister is expecting a baby around the middle/end of March.

Last week, she started having contractions and is now on bed rest. She is 30 weeks along. Even on bed rest (and medicine) she is still having contractions.

Her son came at 35 weeks and we are all praying for her to make it that long.

That's why I am letting everyone know.

If you can say some Tehillim (psalms) for her or any other davening (praying) I would truly appreciate it (and I know she would too)!

Her name is Miriam Yaakova bas Sora Chana.

Hopefully, Hashem will help that baby stay nice and cozy in there for a lot longer!


Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for the tehillim and well wishes. we can use all the help we can get! btw, you should check out this site: it has great ideas for streamlining processes, as well as lots of fun inspiration! love you!

mom said...

Every morning I thank Hashim for giving Michelle one more day of keeping baby inside.