Friday, January 1, 2010

I usually never do this but. . .

. . . here is a "work in progress" goal list.

I noticed that a lot of my posts focused on feeling overwhelmed this past year. And I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that are discussing goals and ways to improve life in this coming year. So, even though I know that a mom who works full-time and has 4 kids can't eliminate all feelings of being overwhelmed, I am going to try some small steps. And since I remember things better when I write them, you get to read them.

1. When I cook I am going to try to double my meals and put one meal in the freezer for the future. I have started doing this on a semi-regular basis, but I would love to do this 2x a week.

2. Need to get back on the meal planning wagon. Maybe try planning for 2 weeks at a time? I have heard monthly planning is great but I just can't get there yet.

3. Clean my house more often-set up a regular schedule. You might need to sit down but. . . I do not have a cleaning lady. My house is pretty clean because I am constantly doing little things. I clean toilets when in the bathroom, laundry gets done constantly, etc. I am going to set up a schedule to get these tasks done (esp. mopping the floor-I hate it). Additionally, although the girls do do chores, I am going to make a more formal schedule for them as well.

4. As far as spending goes, the couponing has been going really well. I have been able to keep weekly grocery/drugstore shopping under $125. (In a city that has 10% sales tax!) I have been shopping at Jewel and probably averaging about $70 a visit. The rest of the money is spent at the drugstores (which net me coupons and toiletries at the same time). This includes diapers/pull-ups. I used to spend more than that just at Jewel every week. So I am proud of myself. But there are a few big purchases I would like to make this year (UGGS, Keurig) so I need to stop impulse shopping. This is especially bad at Target. I only buy things on sale, but even that adds up when it happens every week. I would like to put that money towards those bigger purchases.

5. Some sort of home organization-some things in my house just don't have a proper home and they need one (paper, toys). I need a bulletin board (I hope the husband is reading this)to help me keep important things in view.

6. Do something that keeps me anchored religiously. . . not sure what that is yet but when I find something, I'll let you know.

7. Lastly, and most importantly, figure out how to spend more time with my kids individually. They really crave individual attention and I think it is so important to give them a sense of self separate from their sisters (especially hard with 3 girls that are 18 months apart). I think I need to make some sort of formal chart for this as well, otherwise I will get lazy. And it will cut down on the arguments if everyone knows they have a set time.

Ok, that's it. Not a short list it seems. But hopefully I have put somethings already in place, and that will make the harder things a little easier to accomplish.

Wish me some luck and a lot of help from G-d, I think I'm going to need it.


Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME. So glad to see you writing down some goals--there's hope to convert you to the self-help side yet! :) Did you see my post? I am right there with you on many of these same things, so we should work together to keep things in check! I have a great idea for a stylish bulletin board--I'll call you and give you the scoop. Happy New Year! Love you!

Mom said...

Your list is awesome and hopefully you will be able to maintain it. Remember, even if you don't do everything, don't punish yourself. Whatever you do, is better than not doing anything.
Your shopping and couponing is fantastic -that goal is already met. Go E!!!
Just a suggestion - there are 4 Sundays a month. So maybe you can take each girl once a month for 2-3 hours and spend quality time doing what they would like to do.

chaviva said...

Elisha - this is a great list. I'm inspired to join in your goals.
This may sound simplistic, but I try to spend some individual time with each of my four kids at bedtime. Even though it is just a few minutes, it is daily and I find they really value it.

Orah said...

this sounds great - hope it comes to fruition. Good luck.

aliza said...

My list is almost identical! I have been working on these things at various times during married life (17years!) It takes a tremendous amount of effort but it all pays off...I have yet to master any one area but it is a process and I preach progress not perfection!!! I wish all of us Hatzlacha in achieving our goals even in minor ways!

Yitz said...

M - give me a call about the bulletin board. I also have an idea I've been thinking of using.