Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random but interesting facts about me

Nothing interesting has happened lately.

I did get the book from the library, haven't started reading it yet-I was thinking the end of Oct. for discussion?

So, I thought maybe I would tell you some things about myself that you do not know. Except I just re-read my 16 Things About Me post and now have to rack my brain to think of other things. Am I really that boring? I just might be.

Let's see:

1. I HATE scary movies. And I mean HATE. Ever since I saw Silence of the Lambs. Terrifying. I hate that feeling.

2. Speaking of things I hate and am scared of I have an irrational fear of moths. Not butterflies, just moths. They are so quiet and sneak up on you and then flutter around. I find it creepy.

3. I get really enthusiastic when I teach and often make a fool of myself in front of my students. I dance around, say silly things and just act weird. They seem to like it and it gets them to do their work. So it's all good.

4. I don't enjoy driving at night. I feel like a little old lady but it's true. The glare of the lights bothers my eyes.

5. Speaking of eyes, I am freaked out by any medical procedure having to do with eyes. I am not a squeamish person (I even watch them take my blood) but anything having to do with eyes freaks me out.

6. I like to make desserts but don't often eat them. I like to have them in my house, ready and available, if I might want to eat them. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Oh, and bakery items are not the same-they need to be homemade. My husband has learned to accept it and doesn't argue with me anymore when I make extra desserts.

7. Almost every room in our house is painted a different color. There is not one white room in the house. That's because when we lived in our apt. and then when we bought our house we ONLY had white walls and hated them. So now we have rooms that are orange, olive green, and red among others.

8. My mom made me take a typing class in high school even though I didn't want to. It was one of the smartest things I ever did. (I think watching adults hunt and peck on the keyboard is funny). Thanks, Mom!

9. Big groups of people make me nervous.

10. I love bargain shopping and rarely buy anything NOT on sale. Food, clothes, anything. It's sort of my own competition with myself. I do like to shop though, so I probably don't end up saving much money overall.

11. I remember my first "bad" grade. I was in 4th grade and I got a C in grammar. I still do not like grammar and I don't like teaching it either. Who needs proper English when you can say things like "finna"(I will give points to whoever knows what that means!)?

12. I don't appreciate music but I try really hard because my husband is very musical and it means a lot to him. But a lot of music sounds the same to me (although after 11 years of marriage I have grown a true appreciation for Metallica).

That's all I got. Wait, that's not proper-it should be: that's all I have. But that just doesn't sound as good!


shalva said...

i'm terrified of scary movies, too - and i am not a huge fan of grammar...that being said, i had never heard of 'finna' and had to google it - if i googled properly, it seems that your students teach you more than the kids in my school teach me - lucky you! i don't think i've ever heard that word 'round my part of the world!

Shosh said...

I have just embarked on a mission to paint a bunch of rooms in our house because they are white and I can't stand it. Maybe I should come over and look at your walls for inspiration! also...i finished the book helped pass the time in the car on our trip! but ill wait for your review to tell you what i thought of it!

elisha said...

shalva-you teach in NY right? Maybe they use different types of ghetto slang in those parts of the world. I don't remember what you teach-but my students usually end up telling me more than I want to know, I guess I seem all trustworthy. BYW, Farm city is almost here (I put it on hold).

Shosh-I didn't pick out most of the paint colors so I can't take credit (or blame). I am really not much of a decorator.

shalva said...

elisha, i live here! i'm a school nurse so i guess the kids are my 'students', too but in a different way...but i don't think the kids at my school know cool words like 'finna', well maybe a couple in the older grades too - i will have to find out next time one happens into the office :)
i can't wait for you to get Farm City - i loved it!
and i know what you mean about the paint colors, we painted every room in our house a different color, too - i hate white/neutral walls! but i didn't do any choosing, i don't trust my decorating instinct, or lack thereof...

Anonymous said...

Why did I think you didn't live here? Are
you at a cps school? Do you do iep evals? We should definitely talk-i'm sure we could share war stories!!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was me-not quite sur how to do this on the blackberry.

shalva said...

i don't know, i did live in ny for a year like 9 yrs ago...but i'm back :)
and yes, i work at a cps school - but i work for an agency right now so i can't even sit in on 504's (and even the cps nurses have to have their school nurse certification to do iep evals, i was going to start the program this fall but i'm hoping to get hired by cps before i pay a million dollars tuition for the certification, to make a long story short...)
but yeah we should definitely talk - i'm sure we'd have a lot to talk about and we might even know some of the same people!
are you in north cluster?

Anonymous said...

I'm finna eat some more banana cake. Keep them extra desserts commin' aight?

DESJ and Company said...

what does finna mean???

shalva said...

i was just going through the nytimes list of 100 notable books of 2008, and i remembered another great book - Blood Matters by Masha Gessen - a really interesting memoir by an investigative journalist who tests positive for the BRCA gene and writes a book about the whole process - all the research she does, people she talks to, other people's stories, etc...