Thursday, October 8, 2009

My descriptive skills are lacking

Here is a pic of the boots ( or as close as I could get):

Seriously? Maybe my style judgement is off but these just seem tacky to me. Oh, and just to prove they are trashy, when I was trying to upload a pic of it at work, my computer would not let me go to the website. I got warned that I was going to an inappropriate site. So there. However, I think I have talked this topic to death so I'm done.


Rach said...

Elisha, i almost fell down laughing when I read your post.

I SAW HER TOO AT JEWEL!!!! And I watched her in amazement.

and then thought- why can't i wear pretty purple boots like that?

and then realized- oh yeah, because I would fall down like barbie.

anyway, just wanted to tell you,

DESJ and Company said...

Hello, ho.
Ummm I think not. And I call my tall black shabbos boots my hooker boots.
Those are hooker boots. Mine are aidel compared to that!

shalva said...

ok, so i was imagining a totally different look (i think i still haven't gotten over a pair of red-that-fades-to-black patent leather boots i really liked last year - i had to return them bc they hurt - but those were flat and completely different than the boots you're describing). after seeing the picture, i would have to say they are a bit much, to put it mildly!

Orah said...

How did you get a picture of MY boots? (JK - no intervention necessary.)