Friday, October 9, 2009

I have the best husband ever!

Guess what my husband did yesterday. Maybe these pictures will help you figure it out.

He took the day off and took all 4 girls to the zoo. Bad weather and all. While I was at work. These 2 gorillas were sleeping curled up together holding each other. Aren't they cute? But not as cute as the cutie pie who was looking at the gorillas!

Anyway, I am super impressed with my husband for taking them out-it is hard work taking all 4 them anywhere by yourself. So I am publicly thanking him for his hard work!!

And the hard work just continues. . . with all the cooking that is being done for Yom Tov. Which he is doing most of. While watching 4 children. And working from home. Because you guessed it, I'm at work today. I will do the baking but he will do probably everything else. Whoever said men can't multi-task? Oh, wait that was me. Well, he has certainly learned how after 11 years of marriage.

So thanks honey, you are the BEST!


mom said...

E, It's great having a partner who helps out. Give Yitzy kudos from his mother-in-law for being a good husband.

By the way, after seeing a picture of the boots, they are a bit much! Anyway, let the poor woman enjoy her colorful boots.

Shosh said...

i saw your comment on sara's blog and just wanted to tell you that there are no coupons for horizon yogurt but the tubes of yogurt (a box of 8) are on clearance for $1.89 at Jewel right now. I think they are discontinuing them in our store. Its a really good price considering they are normally around $4 a box, so we both bought them as treats for our kids since those are what our kids beg for!!!! you can freeze them and stick them in lunches...

Anonymous said...

judging from the pics I thought he may have bought the kids am monkey. or some very big dogs. glad you clarified about the zoo. isn't it nice to have such good men? we should probably tell them that more often... ;)