Monday, September 21, 2009

It's getting a little ridiculous

I fully admit my book hoarding tendencies. But it hit a new level of craziness on Friday.

I went to the library on my way home from work. And decided to look up a book that Shalva recommended-the one by Tracy Kidder. It was actually on the shelf and I checked it out and was so happy to take it home. A few hours later my mil called and among other topics of conversation she asked me to pick out a few books for her from my stash. I went upstairs right away to pick her out some books (I didn't want to forget) and as I was looking, guess what I saw? The book by Tracy Kidder, on my shelf.

Just sitting there, waiting to be read.

Which I didn't know I had. Because I have so many books I don't even remember the books I own.

Lest I give you the impression that I spend all my money on books, I don't. Yes, I have bought books at Borders (that started when I was working on National Board Certification and I did my work there and then needed to reward myself) but I ONLY buy the sale ones. And I usually buy my books secondhand at resale stores and used book sales. So in my defense, if a book catches my eye in one of those places I will usually get it. But I won't have had the intention to buy it. Which is how I can forget I own it. Because I didn't know I wanted it in the first place. Or I guess my memory is suffering from having 4 kids and working full time. I'll let you make your own judgements.

Now about picking a book to read. I'm scared. What if I pick a book everyone hates? Then everyone will think my taste in books is terrible. The first book I chose, I cheated a little bit. I had already read a book the author wrote previously. So I knew he was a good writer. Also, I started reading the book before I suggested it so I knew it was interesting. So as long as people promise not to judge me for my selections-I'll pick something this week.

Maybe I should look on my book hoarding shelf for ideas?


Rach said...

just pick, even if it's a bad book, so we will discuss why we didnt like it

shalva said...

i know what you mean about being nervous to pick a book - i'm the same way ;) but don't worry about picking something bad - you seem to have pretty good taste in books so i'm sure whatever you pick will be interesting...and i can totally identify with forgetting you own a book, i've taken out books from the library and started reading them, only to discover that i've already read them...btw i just saw today that barbara kingsolver is coming out with a new novel...not sure if you're a fan of hers, i loved all her books except for The Poisonwood Bible...

Lisa said...

very funny!