Sunday, January 25, 2009

16 things about ME

Ok-so this is in honor of my sister. She did this on her blog and I thought it was a great idea and decided to do it on mine. Especially since I am new to this and need to introduce myself.

Here goes: 16 things about me

1. I am very short. 4 ft 10 and 3/4 in. to be exact. This really only affects me when I need to reach high things in the grocery store. Actually, it affects all parts of my life but I can't imagine being any taller.

2. I talk to process things that have happened to me and over-analyze everything.

3. I will read anything with words on it. I read constantly even if I only have 5 min. I love to read all genres of books and am especially into memoirs right now.

4. I love shopping especially for clothes (my husband made me put this one in).

5. I have 4 beautiful, energy-filled, curious daughters ranging in age from 8yrs. to 3 months. I love being a mom but it is a lot of hard work!

6. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23 years old. I still hate parallel parking and don't like to drive to places that I am not familiar with. I do however drive on the highway when necessary.

7. My husband is from a big family and I am frequently overwhelmed when they all get together. They are great but I 'm not a huge fan of large crowds.

8. I hate change!!!

9. I have only ever worked with children in some way. I have been a camp counselor, babysitter, tutor, and teacher. I am scared of other types of jobs.

10. I grew up in a small town but now consider myself a big city girl. I have almost lived in Chicago as long as I lived in Maryland-which means I am getting older!!

11. I like neatness and consider myself organized but do have lots of stuff that I can't seem to get rid of .

12. My dad fought in WWII in the pacific. He was in the Navy and his ship sunk (he was on a minesweeper) and they were rescued by the Japanese. If he hadn't survived I wouldn't be here.

13. I am shy and nervous when I meet new people.

14. I need lots of sleep at all times to be a functional human being. This is hard when you are the mom of 4 kids-I am always trying for more sleep!

15. My secret dream is to one day be a psychiatrist.I am fascinated by the way medicine interacts with mental illnesses.

16. I am a special ed teacher and I love my job even when I hate it. I feel like I am doing something purposeful even if the outcome isn't immediate.

That's me in a nutshell.


Orah said...

why did it take three posts till I found out you started a blog???

It's good - keep it up.

Rach said...

Elisha, This post rocks. I didn't know so many things about you (the fact that you're short, I did know :)

Tell us the story of your father's sub sinking, that sounds fascinating!!!!!

Can you blog about book recommendations- I think you would be AWESOME at that and I am desperate for suggestion!

Michelle said...

No far. You already have a fan club! I think technically that was 15 things about you and one thing about Dad. Just teasing...

Mom said...

E, Loved reading your 16 facts. See, even your mom learns things about you that she didn't know. Your writing is down-to-earth so keep up the good work - maybe doing a blog will be your de-stresser.

Leah said...

Really??!!? We overwhelm you?? J/k I've been in this family my whole life, and I get overwhelmed too, I get it!!