Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bright spots in a blah week

This week has been rough.

Not for any terrible reason, thank G-d.

Just regular life is a little overwhelming. Especially when Sundays have a lot going on-I feel like I am always playing catch up.

But there have been some bright spots this week including:

1. Sinus rinse!! My allergies have been killing me and (thanks for the medicine advice, everyone!) I got a sinus headache yesterday on top of all the allergy drama. So I used my sinus rinse and it really works. The pressure in my head went away almost immediately. So that was a yay!

2. I made an oven apple pancake last night. Homemade. Delicious. I doubled the recipe and it was gone it 10 minutes, I didn't even have time to take a picture. I will try to post the recipe later in case anyone wants it.

3. Report card pick-up day today! Not exciting except for that I didn't need to go into work until 12 today. So I did get some stuff at home done today.

At least there have been a few bright spots this week. Maybe there'll be more, who knows?

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