Monday, August 3, 2009

On vacation

Just a quick update- we are in Maryland visiting my fam.

We will be here for about 2 weeks or until they decide they are sick of us.

I hope to post and keep updating but between entertaining the kids and some internet problems out here in the boondocks I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I have a few topic ideas and some video to post so hopefully I'll get around to that too.

I'll leave you with a quick thought. Why do we live in the most expensive city ever? Everything is cheaper here in MD and even the tax is only 6%! In chi-town I wanted to get my wedding and engagement bands fixed (it's a long story but they both cracked all the way through) and the store wanted to charge me $400 dollars just to fix one ring. Here in MD we went to a jewelery store my mom knows does good work and they are charging less than $150 to fix both!!

I'm just saying. . . is Chicago that wonderful?

On that note, I'm going to go enjoy my time away! See you soon!


Shosh said...

i always say we should move somewhere cheaper....and warmer. btw i am already almost done with honolulu! i love it!

Orah said...

I was so excited to move back to Chicago from Teaneck, cuz in Teaneck I could not find an Indian eyebrow lady - had to drive 40 minutes to find ANYONE who knew how to thread eyebrows, and then they charged me 15 bucks. in Chi town, I go five blocks and my Indian lady who PIONEERED eyebrow threading charges only 5 bucks. I think Chicago is wonderful .... just saying ...

Lisa said...

Personally, I would like to live in the burbs...much prettier..more land..safer!
I enjoy what the city has to offer, but I would rather LIVE somewhere else!
It is WAY too expensive here!