Thursday, April 2, 2009

If moms ran the government

If moms ran the government things would be done a lot more efficiently. Why do I say this? Because we can multi-task. Because when we have only small amounts of time we make sure to use that time wisely.

Yesterday I had report card pick-up day at work. That meant that my hours changed, I didn't need to be at work until noon but I had to stay til 6:15. So I had the morning to either waste time or get some things done.

Here is a run-down of what I did yesterday BEFORE I even got to work:

1. Got my kids ready for the babysitter and school and drove carpool.

2. Cleaned a bathroom

3. Unloaded a dishwasher and reloaded it

4. Folded 3 loads of laundry

5. Pumped

6. Stopped at Jewel to get lunch.

Then I got myself to work on time and then did a full day's work. Now I am not writing this to show off although that would be nice. But my point is that I AM NOT a supermom. I am not any better than other moms-we all do things like this all the time. Moms multi-task and know how to get things done in the shortest amount of time possible. Because time is at a premium and should not be wasted! And if you don't do things that need doing then you are left with an overwhelming, crazy mess!

Which is what I keep trying to explain to my wonderful husband. Who after 10 years still doesn't understand fully. Which is not his fault-he's not a mom. He doesn't understand why I keep doing things around the house instead of relax. He doesn't understand why I do the dishes when there are only a few in the sink. He doesn't understand why I like to put things away where they belong instead of anywhere I feel like it. Because at the end of the day I am the one who is responsible for keeping our house in order. Now, I don't want to make it sound like I do everything and my husband does nothing. We both work full-time and we share the household responsibilities or we would not survive. He is immensely helpful in all areas pertaining to the house but he just doesn't feel the urgency the way that I do.

I am also making myself sound like a neat freak, which I am not (if you saw my house you would agree) but I do need some order. And that is why moms should run our gov't. Because we are all about order and efficiency. Imagine when something needs to be done-it gets done. Not in weeks, months, or years, but NOW when it needs to be done.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. For now. Because you know I can be on my soapbox and do ten other things at the same time.


Shira said...

lol, cute post! who did you find to babysit?

elisha said...

I am sharing someone else's babysitter-I tried a few different options and this was the one that worked the best.

Rach said...

who's babysitter? what happened?
And I am the one who puts everything everything where ever I want it to be- so you would be annoyed with me!

Michelle said...

hey, just wanted to comment while making dinner, folding diapers and holding baby all at the same time. Moms rock! sorry i missed your call earlier to you on Sunday maybe?

mom said...

Gee, you're beginning to act and sound like your Mother. Moms have always been the multi-tasker, keeper of the household. Also, when things are always in a mess, you feel mentally chaotic. But, for some people it doesn't bother them, for others it does.
Obviously, you didn't go home & rest like you said you would, instead you did work around the house so you could be ahead to continue your Passover chores.