Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't written for a while ( my sis got on my case) but for a while all I felt I could write about were complaints. And I don't want my blog to just be about complaints. Although it is my blog and I can write about whatever the heck I want even I was getting a little sick of myself!

So this is not a complaining post. It is about firsts. Pesach (Passover) started last week and it is M's first time celebrating the holiday. Of course, she has no idea what's going on-she's only 5 and a half months old, but still. She watched us during the Seder. She had some grape juice from my finger.

M also got her first tooth. We had absolutely no warning. Usually babies are fussy and uncooperative and you might even need to give them tylenol. Not this one. She has been drooling forever but that doesn't necessarily mean teeth are coming in the imminent future. Big T drooled for 9 months before she got her first tooth so I figured we had time. Well, I was wrong. At the second seder I put my finger in her mouth and felt sharp points on her bottom gum. I couldn't believe it and I might have to start to re-think this whole nursing thing. I don't like the idea of being bitten!

Another first: we gave M her first taste of food. She had applesauce and banana and even potato. Can you tell she's a 4th child? We didn't start with the baby cereal or test certain foods for a few days before starting a new one. I actually hadn't planned on giving her food at all until after Pesach but she seems sooooo ready to eat. She keeps grabbing cups and trying to put the food from my plate into her mouth.

Just today I gave some of my students their first taste of matza. They saw me eating it and were willing to have a try. Many of them have never met anyone Jewish and so all the traditions and customs that I keep are brand new and completely unfamiliar to them. Some of them liked the matza and some didn't but they asked me to bring more tomorrow so I take that as a good sign that I didn't scare them.

For the first time my husband and I cleaned our house for Pesach with no help. No cleaning help and no babysitting help. Usually I am scrambling around at the end needing something scrubbed or the kids taken away so that I can scrub something but not this year. We thought about our priorities and what we really needed during this holiday and that is all we focused on. We didn't clean anything extra (read: toys-just locked most of them up) and that helped. Also, being organized helped too!

Wishing everyone a Happy Pesach!


Rach said...

I feel that way about my blog too sometimes, complain complain complain.
I like your firsts. It's nice that you got to be home from all of baby M's firsts. It's nice to get the time off to be with the kids.
Great post!

Anonymous said...

I like your new template, it makes for easier reading. Enjoyed your posting.

Shosh said...

i saw your kids so many times over yom tov. and big T cracks me up. she is hysterical.

Orah said...

I saw em by the fairy castle at the museum.