Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer so far. . .

Soooooo, I've been working this summer. Teaching 14 early childhood special ed kids. Talk about different than what I'm used to. It is not easy to maintain any sort of order in a classroom like that. I am in awe of teachers that do it all year long. The kids are cute, except for when they aren't. Like the boy that screams loudly all day long. Or the boy that is in everybody else's business and tattletales non-stop. Or the girl that already has an attitude at 5 years old. But it is wonderful to see them make friends, use new words and learn how to write their names. And they hug you and tell you that they love you. I certainly don't get that with the middle schoolers! And since I haven't taught that age group in a while, it was a little stressful doing something new. But now I'm done!! And I feel like I have the presence of mind to blog.

So here's some pics of the summer so far. . .

Little T's graduation from kindergarten

These were at Wagner Farm. A historic farm with some animals. The kids absolutely loved it.

I broke down and bought a pool for the backyard on the 4th. They have had so much fun using it and the hose. And I even got a little tan! Some of the garden is in the background. We now have radishes, peas, and lettuce growing in addition to our cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), cabbage, and leeks.

Our last meat meal before the 9 days. Eating outside with the kids was great-they could be loud and messy and it didn't matter. Delicious Israeli food-didn't even have any leftovers.

Doesn't look so exciting but it is: the first tomatoes and basil from the garden. With some fresh mozzarella. Absolutely delicious.

I am looking forward to not working!!! Later this summer, we'll be on the East Coast and we are really excited about that. Hopefully, this heat wave will break and we can spend some more time outside again.


Anonymous said...

HI It's Aviva L. What a creative blog ( found you through others...) 1} I work full time over the summer I'M TIRED!!! 2} yr dtr is soo big and they're all adorable 3}Love the garden and yr food looks delic come cook for us. I'll try to be in touch. LV, Aviva

shalva said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good the picture of the caprese salad, my garden didn't happen this year because my entire yard was overgrown with weeds and we didn't get it taken care of til i'll have to wait til next must be happy that summer school is over, i subbed a little bit last summer and it was definitely much more relaxing and chilled than regular school but still it's nicer even to be on vacation! i just read a book that was really, really good - After Long Silence by Helen Fremont - a Holocaust memoir but a really unusual story...couldn't put it down until I finished it. I just read The Girl from Foreign too and really liked it, thanks for the rec!