Friday, June 4, 2010

I have been a bad blogger

I'm sorry. I know I have been a bad blogger.

It just seems like it takes so much effort to write a post these days.

I actually started a few and never finished them.

Not too much has been going on these days anyway. We're gardening (the strawberries from our garden taste great) and I now have radishes and peas growing in my kitchen almost ready to be transplanted. Just trying to find a place in the yard to put them where they won't be devoured by squirrels and other pests. The tomatoes are already sprouting and we are trying out leeks and cabbage this year too. The mint, basil, and cilantro are delicious too. Need a second try on the cukes-they animals ate the plants we started with. I actually dislike gardening but enjoy the veggies so it's worth it in the end.

I might work summer school with the littlest kiddies. It's at my school this year which is convenient, only til 12, and only 4 days a week. So, the extra money could be useful. But I usually need my break so we'll see. Since my kids are only in camp for the afternoon this year (gymnastics camp), I could bring them with me and put them in summer school at my school. Or they could help me with my class.

The kids are good. M is talking a ton-she says things like "I go" and "What's that" and "No." Everyday it seems she is saying more and more and she is only 19 months. She's gotten very clingy and wants me to carry her all over the house, ALL the time. Makes it hard to get anything done. Both Little T and Lulu got great reports at parent teacher conferences last week. They are meeting all developmental/academic milestones and are ready for next year. The teachers are also happy with their social/emotional-behavioral growth. Totally affirms for me that we have made the right educational decision for them. Big T is also doing well. We are working on some emotional issues with her and she is making progress and growth and we can see it!! She is less anxious and happier overall. We are very blessed right now, Thank G-d!

Have been reading a lot even though I haven't mentioned it lately. I will try to put a list of the books on my next post.

That's the update for now. .


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chaviva said...

gymnastics camp? that sounds fun, can i come? Is that a park district program?

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