Monday, March 22, 2010

this time of year

what i am doing with my time:

cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.

lists, lists, and more lists.

i like making lists but in this case i feel like it just showcases all that i need to do, they keep getting longer, not shorter. i did find last year's lists/menus so it should help. also, (gasp!) i am getting some cleaning help (i don't have a cleaning lady during the rest of they year).

errands, errands, and more errands

haircuts, haircuts, and more haircuts

work, work, and more work (iep paperwork just keeps getting longer)

spring break is coming!! yay, all of pesach will be spent at home and with my family which doesn't happen often (usually i have to work during chol hamoed).

worrying about all the school budget cuts happening all over the city.

hoping i will still have a job next year (i am pretty sure i will but you just never know).

researching gardening/ how to grow plants in my backyard..

more later. . .


Orah said...

Good for you with the cleaning help. Maybe you can sell your produce for xtra pocket money...

Mom said...

E, Isn't motherhood grand with all its glorious duties, errands, working and being a guiding light to the children!!!

chaviva said...

wow, sounds busy. Grow some veggies with the kids. I do that with my kids and they love it.